Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 Released; Yoshihiro Togashi Out of Hiatus

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Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361

After months of hiatus, Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 seems to be airing next month. The news came after creator Yoshihiro Togashi hinted that a new installment will become available soon. Should that be the case, then fans should now start reading previous chapters to refresh their memory about the manga series.

Fans can recall that it was back in June 2016 when Togashi decided to take a break from the long-time running manga series. The creator already did it in the past and he is again back at it with no definite time of comeback, as reported by Kotaku. There were even concerns that the popular show would never return because of Togashi’s back pain.

As a result of these issues, TravelersToday previously speculated that if ever Hunter X Hunter would release new chapters, a new artist would be required. If that would be precise, then readers should expect a lot of changes in the series. From the drawings itself, up to some characters’ appearances.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361

‘Hunter X Hunter’ Chapter 361 Release Date

On a good note, it seems like the indefinite wait is officially over as teased by Togashi. The creator took it Twitter earlier this week to hint that the manga series is finally coming back. “Are you ready for number 361?” wrote Togashi. This, of course, surprised a lot of fans across the globe. The teaser came out of nowhere but it is certainly great news for everyone.

But that did not end on that tweet. Togashi then again posted a date that is reported to be the new arc’s premiere. According to the creator, “June 17 it is.” Although he did not directly mention that Hunter X Hunter would return on that day, still, a lot of readers interpreted it as an announcement.

Meanwhile, some fans are still skeptic about this information. They just don’t buy it considering that Togashi already deleted those tweets. So, to further confirm this news, you check out this link to see the truth yourself.

There you have it! Some of the latest news and rumors about Hunter X Hunter chapter 361. Do you think the manga series is finally coming back in less than two months? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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