Hunter x Hunter Chapter 361 Release Date: Writer Given Ultimatum by Publisher?

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After taking a two-year pause, Hunter x Hunter Chapter 361 release date might be probably left hanging again for sometime. This is due to writer Yoshihiro Togashi’s failing health as of the moment. As a countermeasure, rumors said that the publisher gave the writer a new ultimatum.

With Togashi’s recurring back pain, Chapter 360 has been stuck for several months now. The manga’s publisher, Shueisha, might not only lose profits in the market but also its avid fans who are desperate for the continuation.

The Publisher’s Ultimatum

According to reports, Shueisha gave Togashi a deadline to work and finish the manga. The deadline set for the creator is until February 2017. If Togashi becomes well and abides by the deadline, Hunter x Hunter Chapter 361 release date might be two months from today.


Rumors about the writer’s dodge on the pressure of the manga’s weekly or monthly release are also circulating.

GameNGuide reported that the publisher is now demanding the creator to surrender all his rights. This has probability, since Shueisha must come up with countermeasures to move up into the commercial market.

Once the artist surrenders his rights, Shueisha can now find replacement to create or recreate Hunter x Hunter. According to rumors, however, the writer is far from giving up his rights on the legacy that he created.

Several reports hinted that there are two possible replacement candidates. The first one is the creator’s wife, Naoko Takeuchi, who also wrote Sailor Moon. The other one is Sui Ishida of Tokyo Ghoul.

To Replace or Not to Replace?

After news of Togashi’s possible replacement, there are readers who approved while some disapproved.

One concern erupted from the side who disapproves. Their point says that having a replacement might get the plot’s story down a different path.

On the other side, fans who approve of Togashi’s replacement point out that this might take the story to new levels with a different viewpoint.

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However, avid readers must take note that Shueisha cannot pick a new writer yet until Togashi gives up his rights. Until then, the Hunter x Hunter Chapter 361 release date might not be announced.

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