Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361: Back in the Works with Takeuchi at the Helm

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hunter x hunter chapter 361

The fate of Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 is still murky even if recent reports say that creator Yoshihiro Togashi is now in good health and is back at work. Unfortunately, the illustrator is rumored to have lost interest in the popular manga series, which is?why he is not eager to continue working on the latest chapter. There are speculations that his wife, Sailor Moon creator, Naoko Takeuchi, will take over Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361.

On the other hand, media sources say that the artist has already completed more than 20 chapters. Fans are now eagerly awaiting for the chapter to air on television. Since the work is almost complete, the showrunner could now also start on the manga series.

This is not the first time that the series went on a hiatus. In April 2014, the manga went on a break and returned only two years later. The reason was because of Togashi?s chronic back pain.

New writers on board

There are other speculations that Shueisha is bent on hiring new writers to continue the series. This would allow Togashi to only serve as a consultant to ensure continuity and creative preservation of the manga.

Other news say that Shueisha will fire Togashi and just work with a new pool of writers to continue the series. With a target date of February 2017, the pressure is on to produce the latest chapter.

The latest news say that the creator wants to focus on another project, and doesn?t want to continue Hunter X Hunter. Which leads fans to wonder if Takeuchi will be able to continue with the series? quality and creativity that her husband has begun. It will be a big responsibility, as she also needs to come up with a new script for Hunter X Hunter Season 3.

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