Hunter X Hunter Chapter 360 Spoilers: Dark Continent Beasts Behind the Killings?

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Hunter X Hunter Chapter 360 Spoilers

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 360 is the next chapter in this very exciting manga. Chapter 359 of Hunter X Hunter was really an exciting one but it left everyone hanging as to what will happen next. If you are a big fan of the Hunter X Hunter manga then you are also probably asking yourself what is in store for our protagonists in Chapter 360. If you are thirsting for some Hunter X Hunter Chapter 360 spoilers then you are in luck because below are some really juicy spoilers for you to enjoy.

A word of warning though, there will be some huge Hunter X Hunter spoilers below so proceed at your own risk.

Design & Trend reports that in Chapter 359 we finally saw the Black Whale set sail with Kurapika who ends up finding a deceased Woody in a bathroom stall. Kurapika suspects that the death of Woody may have been caused by some kind of Nen but the security guards simply deny having used it recently.

According to Ecumenical News, the upcoming Hunter X Hunter Chapter 360 will see Kurapika try to continue in uncovering the creature who killed several people as they were making their way to the Dark Continent. While the suspicion of Kurapika points to a possible Nen user causing the deaths, the same Ecumenical News report cites that a possible culprit could be a Dark Continent Beast who has transformed into human form and camouflaged himself.

It will certainly be exciting to see if Kurapika will indeed be able to find out who the perpetrator is. Also, will he and his chains be strong enough to catch the killer and save the other passengers from danger? All the answers to these questions will be revealed once Hunter X Hunter Chapter 360 is released.

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