Hunter X Hunter Chapter 357 Spoilers: Chrollo To Emerge As Victor In Deadly Match vs Hisoka

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After so many speculations about the possible outcome of the death match between Chrollo and Hisoka in the hit manga series Hunter X Hunter Chapter 357, the result has finally been revealed. So who won the fight?

According to a report of Movie News Guide, it is unfortunate but the magician, Hisoka, is expected to lose the battle and might be dying as well after the intense battle. Chrollo, the expected winner, will then command the spiders to clean up the mess of the battle.

Despite the previous reports of Hisoka being the underdog in the death match and had been gravely injured, fans still hoped for a comeback from the magician and eventually pull off a surprising victory. But that didn?t happen. Reports bared that Hisoka will be seen in chapter 357 trying to reach out for help but to no avail.

According to the description of Hofmag, Hisoka will be dying while human ashes fall before his eyes. He will slowly lose his consciousness and succumb to death. Before he closes his eyes, he will be hearing stumbling feet toward him. The upcoming continuation of the anime series will also be featuring manipulated humans who will catch the heavily wounded body of Hisoka.

How did Hisoka die? It should be noted that the magician remains alive when he heard the feet moving toward him. Unfortunately, Chrollo knows that his opponent is still breathing. So, he will be unleashing lightning that will result to a wound on the neck of Hisoka, which will lead to the latter?s death.

With most of us having prior knowledge about the difficulty of Hisoka in the hands of Chrollo, many have anticipated that he is the one to lose the match. Upon securing that Hisoka is already lifeless, the antagonist will be writing down the magician?s name on a book as a sign that he killed him.

Chrollo will then ask his spiders to clean up the site of the match where Hisoka?s destroyed body is scattered. However, rumor has it that it might be possible that Hisoka is still alive as Chrollo will be first calling Shizu to tell of the death of the magician, without actually checking if Hisoka is indeed a lifeless corpse. Shizu will attempt to remind Chrollo of making sure that everything will be clean after the match but it appears that the latter won?t notice the command.

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