Hunter x Hunter is Back and Updating!

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Hunter X Hunter is undoubtedly one of the best anime of all time. It is a timeless anime that has been part of many people?s childhood and for some, even adulthood. While we enjoy watching the anime, Hunter X Hunter has always been a great manga. It is steady, fast-paced, intense, and emotional, some of the qualities that can easily get readers hooked.

Yoshihiro Togashi’s masterpiece was currently put on hold because of constant hiatus. I know it is annoying but we can?t really do much if the guy is constantly sick. It is currently in the Dark Continent Arc where the supposed to be new chapter should have been.

Great news! The new chapter will be available in Weekly Shonen Shonen Jump #19. It is out of its horrible hiatus status. Considering we?ve been waiting since August 2014, we deserve to see the last chapter of Hunter X Hunter released!

This exciting revelation was seen on Shonen Jump website. It was announced by Yoshihiro Togashi himself. Hunter X Hunter manga is continuing the Ankoku Tairiku (Dark Continent) arc. The year?s 16th issue will be revealing more details this Saturday.

It was originally supposed to be on hiatus for only two weeks, but for reasons concerning the creator?s back pain, the hiatus has extended up until now. The last compiled volume was released last December 2012 and was only able to reach Japan. However, after a long wait, Viz Media was able to release the franchise in North America in April 2014. The manga has inspired two great anime series. The original one was a childhood favorite, while the latest one (created last 2011) became a favorite among children and adults alike.

So now, while the manga is currently running, let us just wait for the anime to continue! It is a great anime and something you should definitely see.




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