Hunter X Hunter 361 Release Date: Series Returns in February

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Hunter X Hunter 361
Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 slated for a February 2017 return.

Fans may need not wait any longer for the Hunter x Hunter 361 release. Reports claim that it is slated to continue in early 2017, possibly in February?that?s only 6 months away.

Writer and artist Yoshihiro Togashi is on break from chronic back pain. His last published chapter went out in June, after a 2-year hiatus. Fans seem to be accustomed to his long absences in between chapters, as his writing never disappoints.

There have also been speculations that publisher Shueisha would hire a panel of writers to get on with regular Hunter X Hunter releases. Togashi would then serve as a consultant to ensure artistic continuity and creative preservation of what he has in mind for the manga series. Other rumors say though, that Shueisha will let go of Togashi totally and just work with new writers to continue Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 and succeeding chapters, and ensure timely release.

New writers no match for Togashi

Many are not buying the claims, however. Loyal fans believe that new writers who would work on the series may not be able to match creator Yoshihiro Togashi?s creativity and tone.

When Rocketnews 24 reached out to the manga?s publisher, Shueisha, to gather any information about the break, the publisher informed them that they were uncertain about when the series would resume.

?The last time the series was put on hold it was because of Togashi-sensei?s lower back pain, and once again, his condition has gotten worse, necessitating [another] break. At this time, it is not certain when we will be able to resume the series.?

The 50-year old manga artist has been suffering from chronic back back pain for years now. This limits his movement and inability to sit and write for a long period of time. He is presently recuperating.

The manga stopped at Chapter 360, just in time when the Dark Continent Arc began. Hunter X Hunter is serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

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