Hunter x Hunter 358 Spoilers Prediction: The Magician Embarks On Slaughter Parade

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Hunter x Hunter 358

Hunter x Hunter 358 is entitled “The Magician Embarks On Slaughter Parade.” Obviously, Hisoka being back from the dead is now up to kill all the 11 spiders aka The Phantom Troupe.

In HxH 357, it was shown towards the end of the chapter that Hisoka, who had just come back from the dead (he blasted himself off together with other 200 puppets in chapter 356) has started his plan in killing all the spiders. Thus, the title of Hunter x Hunter 358 is ?The Magician Embarks On Slaughter Parade.?

Hunter x Hunter 358

Fans think that the next spider that Hisoka will haunt down is Feitan, who has a transmutation nen and the ability to torture his opponents. Although Feitan ranks the 5th strongest member of the Phantom Troupe, some fans who participated in the discussion thread of Manga Stream believe that the Feitan vs Hisoka fight would not be as interesting as Hisoka?s previous opponents.

According to Peter, ?Feitan?s ability is depended on pain but I think Hisoka will not risk anything this time in order to kill the Phantom Troupe.? Jill Sandwich seems to agree with this observation because he thinks that Hisoka is ?like a bit of a sadomasochist.?

In Reddit, a fan with a registered name TARDIS implies that it would be easier for Hisoka to slaughter all the Phantom Troupe members now because ?several of the Troupe members lent their powers to Chrollo, so they are defenseless right now.?

Other avid followers of Togashi?s manga who actively discuss chapter 357 in Reddit are eager to see Hisoka fighting Illumi or even the whole Zoldyck family! Would this encounter be happening soon? Perhaps, Hisoka has to kill Kalluto (everyone knows this guy is endangered, right) first to enrage Illumi. Once angered, Illumi might bring his entire family just to kill the magician. But of course, fans have to wait for Hunter x Hunter 358 to glean hints of what is about to come in the present arc.

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