Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age Looking to be a Game Changer

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Crytek is attempting to break into the North American free to play gaming scene with Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age. At first glance, it may look to be modeled after Left 4 Dead, but Crytek plans to break the mold and create a multilayered RPG with persistent, unique, and constantly evolving characters.

Game Director David Adams said that aside from the fact that the game is a 4 player coop, it is actually a drastically different game from Left 4 Dead.

In the game, players are part of a loose association of international monster hunters in the late 1800s. Crytek USA showed a pre-recorded section of gameplay for E3 2014 where a group of hunters assaulted an encampment deep within the Louisiana bayou. The hunters moved in a skirmish line and stealthily crept through low weeds towards a village. Once they were within range, they opened fire and the combat was fast, bloody, and intense. The hunters encountered a lot of different scenarios starting from a camp of burly Cajuns, to swamps filled with grasping zombies, and finally, they had an encounter with a powerful witch.

The characters of the game each have their own uniqueness. One, for example, is dressed as a cowboy who wields a shotgun and a brace of silver revolvers while another wields a powerful flamethrower. Different melee weapons are available should enemies get too close for comfort.

Customization is key for Crytek?s plans to lure in players. Adams mentioned: ?If you want to make Sherlock Holmes or a gunslinger from the Old West or a witch hunter from Eastern Europe, you have the costume choices, you have the weapon choices, you have the skill choices [to do it].?

Although Hunt has been showcased, it has only been in development for a year, so there are still many things that are missing like the number of skills. The game plans to feature procedurally generated maps so that environments are always fresh and unique. There will also be a lot of unique boss creatures.

The free to play model of Hunt seems to take hints from that of Dota 2 as they mentioned that their monetization model would possibly enable players to pay for things like cosmetic accessories or experience buffs. If that?s the case, it would be a true free to play game rather than pay to win.

Crytek plans to open the PC version of the game for beta testers this coming fall. Their website should already be taking applications.

Check out the trailer below.

Photo Source: Hunt website

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