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Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age Introduces Lovecraftian Horrors to Shooting Games

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In this day and age where almost all gaming possibilities have been explored, you?d think that one would make a game worthy of being labeled Lovecraftian. Lovecraftian refers to a genre that uses monsters inspired by the countless nameless horrors of the H.P Lovecraft mythos, such as the Elder Ones, and the famous Cthulhu, Lord of R?lyeh. Darksiders creator Vigil Games is set to release such a game in cooperation with Crytek USA.

Vigil Games has, sadly, placed Darksiders on hiatus. However, in response to a clamor for a Lovecraftian-themed game to be released, they have spawned a four-player, third-person shooter that faces off with creatures rising from the dark depths. There are all manners of characters available in the game; gentlemen in bowler caps, priests, and even dentists using all sorts of weaponry to face off against evil. Welcome to the Hunt.

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This game developed by Vigil Games and Crytek USA explores quite a few other stories aside from Lovecraft?s well-crafted horror. There is a stage where you, along with four others, trudge through a swamp in Louisiana looking for a witch. This witch, named Nightmare Witch in-game, is inspired by folklore from the Southern states about an evil woman who sits on the chests of her slumbering victims, quickening their demise while asleep. Different environments and settings (Europe, South America, the USA) change with each mission and task, ensuring replayability.

The game borrows heavily from classic horror literature such as H.P Lovecraft?s literature. Here, you will encounter dim-witted slaves of the darkness, uttering maddening chants that is summoning different hellish creatures into our realm. However, the game is being viewed to have a rather dark and malevolent vibe, in contrast to initial views that the game is trying to scare the four protagonists.

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The game?s arsenal is plenty, giving players more than just a fighting chance. There is a wide selection of guns and weapons to slay your enemies, as well as some weapons out-of-age that is placed in as a fantasy element. You can use a prototypical flame thrower to immolate swarms of enemies as they attack. There are also the fantastical artifact weapons, weapons that have effects on them, such as occult daggers and bibles that can be used against possessed enemies. You can also heal your teammates with a doctor?s bag or find your next destination with an occult item, both non-lethal items you can use.

Aside from borrowing from literature, Crytek USA is also borrowing some elements from games with a similar theme. The spawning system of Hunt is a bit Left4Dead-ish; if you die, you re-spawn as a victim to be rescued rather than just re-appear out of the blue alongside your teammates. The character customization options available are something to be excited for. Various elements from history are available; you can dress up as a Civil War soldier in the wrong place and the wrong time, or a gambling lady that wants to wager with Death. While the clothes are definitely in line with the setting, Crytek and Vigil is more in line with creating the roleplay-feel of a bad-ass demon hunter than being historically correct.

Hunt is more or less a departure from the safe zone for Darksiders? creators, but it has a huge potential, especially looking from the eyes of a Lovecraft fan. It?s being marketed as a free-to-play digital release for the PlayStation 4. Xbox One, and PC platforms.

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