Humble Bundle 6: Grey Goo, All Dreamfall Chapters and More

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The new Humble Bundle is here! So let?s bite into the bundle and see how we can get our gaming fix while donating and helping those in need. The 6th Humble Bundle will support American Red Cross and Direct Relief with the money. Game responsibly, guys.

You can pay what you want for:

  1. Oceanhorn Monster of Uncharted seas
  2. Shadowrun Chronicles ? Boston Lockdown
  3. Warmachine Tactics ? Standard Edition

If you?re ready to pay more than the average of $6.74, then you can also get your hands on Magicka 2, Shadowrun Dragonfall ? Director?s Cut, Dreamfall Chapters.

If you are stacked and are ready to pay $12 or more, Grey Goo: Definitive Edition will be yours.

This week?s collection is pretty exciting. Both Shadowrun Dragonfall and Ocean Horn Monster of Uncharted seas are two games that are rated highly by critics. Whereas action-adventure game Magicka 2 is a charming world of magic and sorcery. It is available on PC, Playstation 4 and OS X.

Shadowrun Dragonfall is a turn-based tactical-role playing game set in the Shadowrun universe. It is available on PC, Linux, OS X, Android and iOS.

Ocean Horn Monster of Uncharted seas is an action adventure game released in 2013 by Finnish Studio Cornfox & Bros. The story follows a young boy in search of his father and ultimately, the defeat of the sea monster Oceanhorn. The game was compared to The Legend of Zelda, with CNET commenting that, ?if The Legend of Zelda were to come to mobile, (…) we don’t think it could do a better job” than Oceanhorn. The game has a Metacritic rating of 85%.

Together, these games cost as much as $169. With the Humble Bundle, you can get the package for as low as $15 dollars and also donate in the process.

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