Humans Season 2 Spoilers: Will Niska Bring More Danger To Humans & Synths?

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Humans Season 2 spoilers say that Niska (Emily Berrington) will bring more danger to humans and synths. What will she do with the consciousness code that she stole from the Hawkins? Will she create more conscious synths?

In the first season, we saw that Niska is the most reckless and rebellious of the conscious synths and she even killed a man at the brothel and caused a riot with the humans which was all over the news. But we know she has a soft side as we have seen in her relationship with Dr. George Millican (William Hurt). Last season, we saw her run off on her own and rode a train to somewhere. Where will she go?

Writers Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley told Entertainment Weekly, ?We always wanted to get the code out there and have the threat. Niska?s the best person to be taking care of that.? The finale for Season 1 was set up in a way that that threat will open up the possibilities and the suspense to come in the next season.

According to Ecumenical News, new characters, Dr. Athena Morrow, who is an artificial intelligence expert to be played by Carrie Anne Moss, and Milo Khoury, who is a young billionaire and CEO of a tech company to be played by Marshall Allman, will meet Niska. It will either be that they capture her, or Niska will present herself to them and that was where she was heading to in the first place. ?

Perhaps Niska learned that they are working on developing human consciousness for synths. But eventually, she will realize the consequences and the danger that comes with creating consciousness for more synths and will return to her brothers and sister.

Vincent added about Niska?s character at the end of the first season, ?You?ve seen her do very bad and dangerous things and be very scary. Yet, you?ve also seen a different side to her, a vulnerable side, a damaged side. We don?t think Niska?s really evil or bad in any way, but she?s certainly dangerous and unpredictable, so we all thought that was an exciting place to end. It would make for an interesting journey in Season 2.?

The writers also revealed that the upcoming season will explore deeper into a world where synths could have more control as they co-exist with humans.

Humans Season 2 is expected to premiere in Channel 4 later this year and on AMC early 2017.

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