As Hulu Free Streaming Ends, Here Are Top Hulu Alternatives To Consider

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Nine years since it was launched, Hulu free streaming comes to an end. As it moves to an all-subscription model, viewers don’t need to fret. There are a lot more streaming video sites on the web that could be great alternatives. And you can still watch your favorite movies and TV series for free!

Though it is a bit saddening, the news about it transitioning to require all users to pay to play didn’t come as a surprise. The company recently expanded its film and TV library. Earlier reports also claim that Hulu has made some investments with producing original content. No problem!

  1. ???Crackle


If you love Sony productions, Crackle is the best alternative for you. You can also catch some original series such as Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

  1. ???Fearnet


Fearnet is the perfect choice for people who love horror. It’s all chills, terror, and darkness here. The website provides a huge selection of popular horror movies, original television shows and web series. It also offers reruns of horror TV such as Tales from the Crypt, Eerie, Indiana, and The Real Ghostbusters.

  1. ???Funny or Die


If you are an adult who love to LOL, Funny or Die is made specifically for you. It is a comedy website filled with a wide range of videos from short clips to current web series. Zack Galifinakis Between Two Ferns and Drunk History are two of the most well-known series from this promising website. It?s important to note that much of the humor here is adult.

  1. ???Onion News Network


Onion News Network offers outrageous jokes presented as straight-laced news segments. You’ll also enjoy social commentaries and R-rated movies here. Be sure you?re old enough for this website.

  1. ???PBS


PBS offers a wider educational programming for free streaming. Some of the most famous shows here are American Experience, NOVA, Newshour and Frontline and Austin City Limits. Kids can also catch a classic PBS series, Antiques Roadshow and This Old House.


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