Hulk Hogan Dropped From WWE 2K15 Due To Racism Accusations

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Hulk Hogan dropped from WWE 2K15

After controversies of his racism broke out, wrestling Superstar Hulk Hogan?s luck continues to slip as the ex hall-of-famer just lost a lucrative deal concerning the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and its partners, especially 2K Sports.

Following the announcement that the Superstar Wrestler will be dismissed from the upcoming WWE 2K16, 2K Sports is rumored to have removed Hogan?s DLC for WWE 2K15 from the Xbox Live and Playstation Network Stores. Those who have also purchased it can no longer download it, according to a report from Destructoid.com.

Sympathies should be shared to those who bought the pack but did not have the time to download the DLC, because Hogan?s character was removed permanently. There are currently no discussions about the refunding of the pack to those who have purchased it.

It makes sense to say that 2K Sports is in a very uncomfortable spot since Hulk Hogan was highlighted in the special edition of 2K15.

Hulk Hogan made headlines earlier this week when WWE removed their relationship with the wrestler for allegedly saying ?racial slurs in a conversation caught on a sex tape,? according to CBS News.

?It was unacceptable for me to have used that offensive language; there is no excuse for it; and I apologize for having done it,? Hogan said in a statement from People.com

Gamespot also revealed that Hogan?s earliest video game appearance was the Commodore 64 game MicroLeague Wrestling in 1987. But he was best recognized as the cover for the first officially licensed WWF game, WWF Wrestlemania for NES in 1989.

According to Destructoid, this isn?t the first time that WWE has taken measures of removing ties with people. After Chris Benoit tragically took the lives of his family and himself, WWE have removed all mentions of his name, even policing fans? custom-made characters and removing Chris Benoit uploads.

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