Hugh Jackman Cancer Back? Logan Make-up Altered To Hide Nose Bump?

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Hugh Jackman Cancer
Hugh Jackman Cancer Back

Hugh Jackman is one of the many prolific Hollywood actors that many have come to love as none other than Wolverine. Which is why it came as a large shock back in 2013 when we learned that he?s battling cancer. He had been diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma.

Hugh Jackman?cancer fight has been a long and tough journey. One that extends in and out of the set. What makes Jackman?s situation even worse is the fact that it appears his cancer is fighting back.

Jackman has had procedures done to combat his illness. He regularly gets his condition checked every three months. But sadly, the skin cancer around his nose is proving to be as resilient as Wolverine.

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His last treatment was back in February to remove cancerous cell growth. This was his fifth treatment.

Logan?s Nose

With a condition as resilient as the superhuman healing mutant that he?s playing, some problems are expected to leak onto the set. Jackman?s recurrent medical treatments have led some to worry that his condition might be getting worse.

One of the symptoms of Basal Cell Carcinoma is the formation of protruding, bumpy rough skin. This has led some to speculate that Jackman had to resort to using makeup or even CGI in order to hide the growth on his nose for the filming of Logan.

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His Nose Is Fine

Hugh Jackman was spotted recently last November 13 during McGregor?s match. He was also seen hanging out with Madonna.

Good news is, Jackman?s nose looked fine. There were no real visible anomalies on his nose at all. Plus, he wasn?t wearing his nose patch.

He?s either wearing some phenomenal makeup or his nose is pretty safe for the meantime. We?ll put our money on the latter.

Not to mention, Jackman?s nose looked perfect in the trailer of Logan, too. Let?s all hope we?re seeing the start of better days for his star studded nose.

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