Huge Update For Orcs Must Die! Unchained Scheduled Today

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Just a few weeks ago, Robot Entertainment? revealed information that the closed beta version of the very popular game, Orcs Must Die: Unchained, will be undergoing some major changes. These changes include the rolling out of new features. The date that the updates are set to arrive is none other than today, July 22.

In the previous statement shared by the company, it said that the large update the game will be receiving includes not one, but two new heroes.

The news was also made public via an infographic that had ?snazzy and eye-catching details. Most of the crucial aspects of the update can be found in the infographic. However, if you were not able to see the ad, here are some of the details that you have missed.

  • The new heroes that will be included in the update go by the name Kobold King and Sir Winston
  • Players will have the chance to gain access to 40 new cards
  • There are also four new skins that will be made available in the update
  • The first ever version of the Card Grinder, which has the power to turn the duplicate (or multiple) cards into Gibs will now be released
  • These duplicate-cards-turned-Gibs can then be spent on the purchasing items from the Gib Store.

These changes that will be rolled out today will also come with the introduction of the team matchmaking feature. In addition, enhancements that have been done on the problematic Wi-Fi connectivity will also be included. Notes about the full patch can be viewed at the OMDU forum.

One friendly reminder though: while the changes to Orcs Must Die: Unchained which will happen today, July 22, is very exciting, you should keep in mind that along with these improvements will be the deletion of all the player accounts.

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