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Huawei VR Release Date: Daydream VR Is Just Around The Corner

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Huawei VR

Huawei VR is just around the corner as Google continuously pursues the virtual reality trend. As a matter of fact, Silicon Valley formed an official VR division inside their secretive walls. The company has also appointed Clay Bavor as the division’s head.

Google’s VR platform manufactured by Huawei and dubbed “Daydream” is now in full swing. Daydream VR headset is expected to hit the market in early November this year. On the other hand, it appears that Google and Samsung are now officially in a competition with Oculus.

Samsung, Oculus, and Google are now direct competitors when it comes to mobile VR market. As a matter of fact, Google is expanding their library of VR headsets powered by smartphones. This expansion is made possible through the revelation of a second headset created by Huawei.

Huawei VR Also Known As ‘Daydream’

Huawei VR

For those who are unaware, Huawei is a Chinese electronics giant, who will play a massive role in the VR industry. Furthermore, Google made it clear that Daydream would be a VR platform that other manufacturers would participate in with their own hardware eventually. In addition, Huawei is going to be the very first partner OEM that will join Google in VR market competition.

The new VR headset was announced through Google’s blog post which can be accessed here. In the said blog post, Google announced that they have a bigger suite of Daydream ready products. In addition, the blog post has also explained the specs of the said Huawei VR headset thoroughly.

Huawei VR Headset Release Date

According to Google’s blog post, Huawei has been pushing the Daydream-ready VR headset to be launched at a later date. Unfortunately, the blog post didn’t include an exact release date of the said VR headset. On the positive side, the blog post made it clear that the said VR headset is very easy to use.

In the blog post, it is stated that it will have an adjustable focus. Hence, people can use it without the need for prescription glasses. In addition, it will provide the user a 95-degree field of view.

Google explained that they want to give the consumers more choice in how they want to enjoy Virtual reality. In this case, they will do it by bringing their new VR headsets into the Daydream platform.

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