Huawei Unveils first Windows PC: New Rival iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface?

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Huawei is known for making smartphones and some of them are actually pretty good. Now, the company is making convertible tablets too, featuring a keyboard, and powered by Windows 10.

The result is the new Huawei Matebook, a device with a striking similarity to the Microsoft Surface but packed with a couple of quirks that make it unique.

According to National Post, the MateBook?s 12-inch IPS multi-touch screen is further enhanced by an ultra-narrow frame and a screen-to-body ratio of 84 percent. The screen boasts a resolution of 2160×1440 and a 160-degree wide angle for an immersive experience. ?The color gamut reaches an impressive 85 percent, capable of displaying true-to-life colors. It doesn?t ship with a dual-boot option (so you can?t load Android onto the system) though Huawei acknowledged it might be possible if your tried yourself. The screen-to-body ratio is 84 percent, which means the device is thinner than the regular convertible laptop, but has the same big display size. Nice.

“Business people need a long lasting battery,” said Richard Yu, Huawei’s consumer devices chief, as he unveiled the new device in Barcelona on the eve of the start of the Mobile World Congress, the top annual trade show for wireless devices.

It also packs two Dolby stereo speakers which were demoed playing a trailer of Transformers. The trailer was awful, but the speakers were incredible. They sound damn good.

The tablet fastens to its keyboard case using magnets and it features a fingerprint reader. The fingerprint sensor is clever. It?s the same one you can find in the Huawei Mate 8, and during my tests it worked pretty fast. Battery duration is at 10 hours with regular use, 9 if you play HD Video, according to Huawei, and the Matebook is able to keep that thin profile with a fanless design, thanks in part to an Intel Core M processor packed inside.

The keyboard is backlit and has 1.5 mm of key travel. Like the iPad Pro, there is no Bluetooth involved with connecting and instead uses a proprietary port on the side of the device. The case acts as both protection and a stand with two different fixed positions. There will be four different colors for the case, and two for the Matebook: Space Silver (Apple?s Space Grey) and Champagne Gold (gold).

Huawei wants to ?bring the mobile perspective to the PC,? but it?s too early to they have a real winner here. But in order to achieve it, they are merging together to gadgets?the Surface Pro and iPad Pro?that already do it so well. Huawei just announced pricing during its Mobile World Congress press conference. Looks like the Matebook is going to start around $700 for 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and go all the way up to $1600 for 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.

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