Huawei “Mulan” Photos Leak Online, Might Have Fingerprint Sensor And Full HD Display

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new Huawei Mulan photos leaked online, may sport fingerprint sensor, octa-core processor, and full HD display

Huawei is one of the biggest players in China?s massive smartphone industry and its planning to make waves with the introduction of its latest flagship. The device is codenamed ?Huawei Mulan? and is speculated to be available to consumers as the ?Huawei Glory 6? or perhaps ?Honor 6.? Lots of rumors about the handset have already been circulating online. To add fuel to the fire, alleged photos have been leaked anew.

Four images of the Huawei Mulan are posted recently in Weibo, which is considered by many as the Chinese Twitter. In the images, you may notice that the model sports a metal bezel and a small square panel located at its rear right below the camera that is supposed to be its own fingerprint sensor. If you may recall, the HTC One Max has a sensor similarly located on its back.

The China-based device maker is reportedly preparing the Huawei Mulan to be launched later this year, possibly at the IFA event this coming September. But other sources claim that the device will be introduced on a June 24 event to be held in Beijing.

Huawei Mulan photo leaked online

Huawei Mulan photo leaked online

Huawei Mulan photo leaked online

Huawei Mulan photo leaked online

Huawei Mulan photo leaked online

Huawei Mulan photo leaked online previously reported that the Huawei Mulan may come with Huawei?s home-grown octa-core Kirin 920 processor running at 1.3 GHz per core. To specify, this CPU has four Cortex-A7 cores and four Cortex-A15 cores. The battery-efficient Cortex-A7 can go up to 1.6 GHz if needed while the more powerful Cortex-A15 can run computing speeds of up to 2 GHz. The upcoming model may also be equipped with an ARM Mali-T624 GPU, 3 GB RAM, and a 13-megapixel rear camera along with a front-facing 5-megapixel camera.

Upon looking at these images, you may gather that the Huawei Mulan has a sleek, upmarket design deserving of its flagship status. As previously speculated, the model has a 5-inch, 1080×1920 Full HD resolution display. Capacitive buttons are located in its front in place of a physical home button.

After all these Huawei Mulan specs making the rounds in the tech rumor mill, no confirmation has been given out regarding its official specifications, release date, and price. Smartphone observers are also uncertain whether this device will be available in the United States. If Huawei is indeed planning on offering it to the American market, they may make it available thru its official retail website which they recently launched to sell one of its existing budget-friendly handsets, the Huawei Ascend Mate 2.


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