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Wentworth Season 5 Rumors: The Slightest Chance Bea is Alive!

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Wentworth Season 5
Wentworth Season 5

One of the most controversial Wentworth Season 5 rumors ever told is the possibility that Bea Smith is alive. She had fatal wounds, but she could also be recovering somewhere. Someone could be hiding her death or something strange took place. Besides, miracles could happen and no one ever knows with Wentworth. Thus fans keep their hopes up with the 99.99 percent chance that Bea survives.

It isn?t hard to believe that Bea is alive. We have initially seen some circumstances that could be similar to her case. It happened before with Allie Novak. She was supposed to die due to drug intoxication. But surprisingly, she survived. She was able to regain her consciousness just when rival Joan cruelly stabbed Bea.

More importantly, Bea is the lead character. If there is one thing that inspires us to believe that she is alive, it is this fact.

According to a Reddit user, reddy2runfaster, an ambulance that was seen on the set makes it remotely possible that Bea is alive. Aside from an ambulance, there were also characters that dress like paramedics during the shoot of the last scene. These could lead some viewers to speculate that there could be an alternate route with the fact that Bea will be returning soon.

Bea could have the same fate as Jon Snow from the Game of Thrones. They both supposedly died from stab wounds. Aside from this, it looks like a coincidence that they both die during the series finale. In GoT, Jon Snow came back for revenge. Wentworth fans are hoping that it will be the same thing for Bea.

If Bea had survived, viewers wish to see a stronger version of the main character.

But executive producer Jo Porter was quick to pop our bubbles. He confirmed that Bea is truly gone for the show. Porter said the fan-favorite character is not needed for the upcoming season?s storyline anymore. So there. That?s how we lose our chance.

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