HTC Working On A Phone That Can Take The Ultimate Selfie, Codenamed ‘HTC Eye’; To Be Released in Late 2014 [Rumor]

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Rumored HTC Eye is the ‘ultimate selfie’ smartphone

According to Evleaks, a serial leakster notoriously known for their arguably accurate tech insights, HTC is busy working on a new handset that will be able to capture the ?ultimate selfie.? The new device is rumored to be called HTC Eye.

The selfie, which Oxford Dictionary has recently included in their official list of English words, has defined it as: ?A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.? HTC is seemingly bent on capitalizing from that trend, if the rumor proves to be correct.

Evleaks further said in a tweet that the HTC Eye can be expected to be available in the last quarter of 2014 where it will initially be released to AT&T subscribers. No specs of the device have been confirmed, but Evleaks supported the idea that HTC will promote it as the ultimate selfie phone in the market. It could be possible that the phone will sport a really powerful front camera, but that feature has been exhausted by lots of handsets already, unless HTC will equip it with software perks never seen before.

If the HTC Eye is launched and marketed in a way mentioned above, the device may be focused on a very particular audience. Historically, models that only highlighted a single attribute have not done well revenue-wise. The Taiwanese device maker should be familiar with this since their HTC ChaCha, released in 2011 and marketed as the ?Facebook Phone,? have failed to reach sales expectations. If we are to take these new speculations upfront, it appears that HTC have learned nothing from that mistake, so to speak.

Nevertheless, we can?t say anything for certain at the moment as there are no specs or even pictures available, official or otherwise. But what we can gather now is that the HTC Eye may not be a flagship device. A device possibly targeting the “selfie-taking majority“?(read: teens and narcissists) could be a mid-range smartphone with an excellent front camera and 4G connectivity to support the fast and always-on world of social media. At present, all of these are speculation until HTC finally spill the beans for their highly-anticipated HTC Eye.


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