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HTC Vive Will Feature SteamVR Desktop Theater Mode

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Valve has announced the development of a SteamVR Desktop Theater mode, which will be partnered with the HTC Vive. The Desktop Theater mode will allow users to play games in their regular steam library and ?place non-VR compatible games in a virtual theater,? according to PCGamer.

Reports have indicated that the new Desktop Theater Mode will be similar to YouTube?s Virtual Movie Theater with the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. SlashGear reported that it will supposedly project a ?standard regular plane? within the VR surrounding and display 2D content.

As for the difference between the feature from YouTube and Valve?s Desktop Theater Mode, the latter will be able to play non-VR compatible games and still use the Windows desktop.

It was previously reported that HTC was able to sell more than 15,000 units of its latest virtual reality headset in just 10 minutes and immediately sold out after going on pre-sale. Nobody could have imagined how they realistically manage to sell all of the pre-ordered devices in such a short amount of time, but it goes to show how the future of virtual reality has already arrived.

With the addition of the SteamVR Theater mode for HTC Vive, it will become another surprising development that should definitely astonish users. However, the Verge reported that third-party software for Oculus and Vive has already launched the same feature which is called Virtual Desktop, and another difference between the two is that the current Desktop Theater mode is designed to be a built-in feature.

Have a look at what might the new Desktop Theater mode will look like and check out the video of the Virtual Desktop below:

According to TechRadar, the Desktop Theater mode is still in its early beta but Valve is expecting to launch its feature at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week.

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