HTC Vive VR Smartphone: HTC’s answer to GearVR and Google DayDream?

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HTC Vive VR Smartphone
HTC Vive Smartphone

Though this year’s Consumer Electronics Show didn’t show the highly hyped HTC Vive 2, we may soon enough see a new major VR product from the company: HTC Vive VR smartphone.

A new promotional video from the Chinese tech giant leaked on Twitter shows an image of what appears to be a smartphone branded with “HTC Vive.” The leak comes from @evleaks, a well established source for smartphone rumors and speculations.

The VIVE smartphone in question was seen in a trailer for HTC’s CMF kitchen, reports TomsGuide. The company shows off various smartphones with combinations of color, material and finish in 90 sec promo. At the end of the clip, we see a new device, sporting the HTC Vive branding on the back. The HTC Vive smartphone is quite distinct with a sleek, bluish-silver color while the Vive logo is featured on the rear below the camera setup.

The brief video, however, may be just hinting that one could easily slap a Vive logo onto their handset with the company’s personalized designs. Still, with the success of the Vive headset in high-end VR, a smartphone with similar features wouldn’t be surprising. HTC is willing to target new consumers who are not able to afford the $800 VR headset and the powerful gaming rig required to run it.

HTC Vive VR smartphone features

Though the handset was shown just briefly, one of the features became quite clear. The dual-camera with flash is pretty much visible in the HTC Vive smartphone. The dual sensor is ideally used to detect depth for photos and may even be used for augmented reality.

Other than that, HTC will possibly debut their own mobile VR headset along with the device. It will compete with the likes of $99 Gear VR, the Samsung’s headset built in collaboration with Oculus. And with the more affordable Google’s $79 Daydream View. HTC will also make use of Valve’s popular Steam platform for providing mobile-friendly games.

HTC Vive Smartphone Release

The Vive phone is currently expected to surface at HTC’s Jan. 12 event, where the company is also planning the launch of next flagship smartphone: the HTC Ocean. Or the smartphone may be unveiled later in February during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Of course, as usual take the news with a grain of salt. And in the meantime, stay tuned for the latest updates on the same.

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