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HTC Vive UK Price Hike Right After Brexit

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Ever since the referendum last June 23, the UK has been experiencing some bad vibes. Starting off with the shaky sterling. Perhaps, this is why HTC announced yesterday that they are updating their pricing for the HTC Vive.

Immediately following the UK?s Brexit, the sterling?s market share has taken a huge plunge. From an average of 1.45 to a dollar, it?s now hovering around 1.32. This has prompted major companies in the UK to re-evaluate their product pricing. The HTC Vive team is no exception to this.

Announcing a major price increase on their blog yesterday, the cost of an HTC Vive system – complete with a VR goggle, 2 wands and base stations – is now ?759. This indicative price does not even include cost for shipping. All-in-all, with postage included, the total cost for the VR system is around ?820. That?s bad news for avid VR gamers in the UK.

According to the HTC Vive Team, ?HTC continuously monitors and adjusts pricing to ensure we are providing our customers with the best value possible. Due to recent currency valuation changes and the current value of the GBP we are adjusting the price of the HTC Vive in the UK to ?759 + P&P. ?The adjustment will come into effect on Monday 1st August.?

HTC Vive

Although HTC blamed the current currency valuation for the price hike, it is quite clear that Brexit has a lot to do with it. Since the UK announced that they will be leaving the European Union, the sterling has been performing rather poorly.

Launched last April, this PC-based virtual reality rig has always been pricey. However, this decision can spell trouble for HTC who is currently struggling with their smartphone sales. Especially when Sony is also about to release their own line of VR headsets in October to match their Playstation 4 console. The Playstation VR, priced at $399, now sounds like a better candidate for a virtual reality setup.

While HTC Vive pricing for other regions remain the same, consumers can only hope they stay the same.
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