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HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR: Which Is The Best VR Headset Of 2016?

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HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR were all unveiled this year. As virtual reality finally went mainstream this year, we?ve rounded up the best VR headsets for 2016.

Overall best VR headset: HTC Vive

HTC Vive is said to offer the most complete VR experience today.

Aside from headset and two base stations to track movement, it also includes two motion controllers. This allows users to immerse in VR more than using a typical controller.

However, its two 1080p screens are supposedly not fully high-res yet. According to a review from Tech Radar, individual pixels can still be seen occasionally. Nonetheless, it is said to have crisper resolution compared to other VR headsets.

What makes the HTC Vive standout is its room-scale feature. It lets users walk around a space up to 4.5 x 4.5m big. With it, another dimension is added to your VR experience.

The HTC Vive is priced at $799.00 – two times the price of today?s most expensive consoles. However, its features make it a worthy holiday purchase for hardcore gamers and tech enthusiasts.

HTC Vive

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Top VR for console gamers: PlayStation VR

For one to fully enjoy HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, they must have a top gaming PC to run it. That?s what makes Sony’s PlayStation VR standout.

The device as it only requires a PS4 to operate. The headset has also been commended for being responsive and reliable. Being a Sony product, it also has an impressive games selection.

Priced at $459.99, the downside of Sony?s PlayStation VR is that its accessories still need to be purchased separately. Add-ons include a PS4 camera and PlayStation Move controllers.

Best VR to splurge on: Oculus Rift

With its $600 to $899.95 price range, the Oculus Rift is for VR spendthrifts who want to go all out this holiday season.

Dubbed as the biggest name in virtual reality technology, the Oculus Rift still has some limitations. These are specifically glaring when compared to HTC Vive. The latter?s room-scale technology and inclusive motion controllers give it more advantage. Several reviews also pointed out Oculus Rift?s static VR experience and how it is not as immersive.

Nonetheless, feedback about it has been mostly positive. According to experts, it is a compelling mid-range option that eliminates the need for extra space and accessories.

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Top VR for smartphones: Samsung Gear VR

Using Oculus? same technology, the Samsung Gear VR was reportedly the first VR headset released.

It is smaller, lighter, and is more affordable at only $199. One simply needs a Samsung phone and download apps and games via the Oculus store. What?s also great about the Gear VR is that there are a lot of phones that are compatible with it. It is definitely not as top quality as other premium VR headsets, but is easier to use.

Cheap VR thrills? Try the Google Cardboard

A quick fix for those who want to try out virtual reality, the Google Cardboard is one of those ?weekend projects? that friends can enjoy. One can get a kit from different online vendors for as low as $25.

Instructions on how to make your own headset are downloadable online. When a headset is done, just download Google Cardboard apps and place your device into the headset. It is advisable for those with phablet-sized devices that have hi-res screens.

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Whether using HTC Vive or Google Cardboard, these devices reviewed by Tech Radar proves that 2016 was a year for VR. We at TheBitBag will be on the lookout for updates about these devices.

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