HTC Vive 2 Release Soon As Current Model Been Given Away

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Mind blowing as it sounds, the devices were taken at a rate of 25 units per second in the first 10 minutes. Photo By Maurizio Pesce [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

HTC Vive 2 is likely to be launched soon. Because the current models of HTC Vive are given away.

Under the Bundle Stars deal, Vive fans can grab HTC Vive Steam VR gaming headset, worth $800. The device has room-sized motion tracking and high-quality, low-latency headset screens. Anyone can participate in Bundle Star contest. The name of the winner will be declared on December 28.

HTC Vive 2

HTC Vive was also spotted in Microsoft?s 12 days Christmas deal. In the previous month also HTC has sold out a big number of HTC Vive units with discount. So, multiple publications are predicting the possibility of HTC launching the HTC Vive 2 at the Consumer Electronics Show(CES) 2017.

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HTC Vive 2 Features, Price And Updates

HTC Vive 2 is likely to feature a higher resolution. The users can connect the device to their personal computers through WiFi. So, they do not need an HDMI cable. “This is year one as far as this set of virtual reality experiences goes. I think with the amount of innovation going on into space and the amount of players coming into the space, I do think that innovation cycles will be sort of annual,? HTC?s representative Rikard Steiber said.

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HTC Vive 2 will be packing ?room-scale? technology. This technology will enrich the virtual gaming experience. The current models are also having the same feature. But they are not able to track real-world environment and integrate it with virtual environment movements, according to International Business Times.

HTC Vive 2 will be equipped with a ?lighthouse? technology. It will create non-visible light in the room. There is a ?possibility of HTC making the upcoming HTC Vive 2 a 4K headset. Vive 2 ?will be called as ?HTC Vive 2 ?Oasis. ?

HTC Vive 2 is likely to be a wireless VR headset. The company is working with Quark VR. HTC Vive ?2 will carry a transmitter to send and receive Wi-Fi signals. The price tag will ?cross $800. HTC has sold more than 140,000 units of the HTC Vive 2. The upcoming Vive 2 is expected to break the records.

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