HTC Vive 2.0: 2017 Release Date? Rumors, And What We Know So Far

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HTC Vive 2 Release Date Rumors
HTC Vive 2.0

Though it’s been only months to sale of HTC Vive–virtual reality headset from HTC and Valve Corporation, there already are talks of HTC Vive 2 model. Initially launched in April of this year for $799, the HTC Vive received generally positive reviews from developers and gamers in VR community. Rumors have it that Vive 2 is development and could see a launch soon enough, more likely in early 2017.

HTC Confirms Vive 2

In a discussion regarding the company?s future virtual reality plans, Rikard Steiber, SVP of Virtual Reality at HTC, indeed confirmed plans for new Vive virtual reality headsets. Revealing company plans for VR he said that HTC was working on introducing new peripherals for VR such a steering wheels, weapons, etc. He further hinted that HTC would eventually be rolling out Vive headsets with enhanced ?design factor? and ?performance? at the locations.

HTC Vive 2 release date


Though Steiber confirmed the headset update, he refused to divulge release details for the forthcoming HTC Vive 2. It is yet unknown how HTC will proceed with updates for its VR devices. The company could follow either its phone model where hardware refreshes are produced every year or possibly go with console model which typically sees new hardware once every five-six years.

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Possible Updates/Features

Details on the new hardware are scarce at this point but TechRadar has pointed several discrepancies that could see improvement in Vive 2.


HTC Vive 2 is sure to go wireless according to TechRadar. Back in September, HTC was reported to be working with Bulgarian company Quark VR to produce a wireless prototype headset. More recently, the Taiwanese manufacturer collaborated with a startup called TPCast to make the current headset wireless. TPCast has developed a wireless add-on accessory for existing HTC Vive that is expected to ship early 2017. The company claims that the lack of wires introduces no noticeable latency.

Also HTC could probably use a more convenient technology to enable the headset’s room-scale technology. The current headset?s lighthouse technology is pretty difficult to set up. Easy setup of VR is on the cards with new HTC Vive 2.

Other notable features in HTC Vive 2 could be introduction of 4K resolution. However, TechRadar says as much as tech enthusiasts would love it, it is impossible at this time.?This is because it would be extremely difficult to drive them at an acceptable frame rate

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