Snapdragon 835-based HTC U Phone Renders Leaked

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It has long been rumored that HTC is working on an HTC U phone that is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip. Last year, famous leakster Evan Blass, posted a few concept videos of the phone on his Twitter wall. While many has expected the said phone to be either the HTC U Ultra or the HTC U Play, many were disappointed when the two phones were released early this year. However, it would seem that HTC will now be fulfilling its promise of a Snapdragon 835-based phone sometime this year.

According to a recent leak, the upcoming HTC flagship phone will feature a micro-bezel display design. Furthermore, just like the Samsung Galaxy S8, this new phone will not have a hardware button at the front of the unit. Instead, it will feature a unique array of sensors embedded behind the phone’s metal case. These sensors will serve various functions like launching applications, scrolling through video, as well as adjusting volume.

On the other hand, the HTC U phone, like mentioned earlier will have a Snapdragon 835 chip within. This SoC will be paired with an Adreno 540 GPU and 4GB of RAM. As for storage, HTC is pulling all the stops by having it with a 128GB flash storage.

HTC renders leaked online

Leaked HTC U renders (via

The camera for the HTC U phone is also quite unique. For one, the front camera has a higher resolution than the rear one. The front camera sensor will have a resolution of 16 megapixels while the rear one is 12 megapixels.

At the moment, readers should take this one with a grain of salt. HTC has yet to release a statement regarding the upcoming phone. So far, the company has not made any comment on whether or not it will release a new flagship phone. Also, it is unclear when the actual release of the phone will be or if there is going to be one. However, there is a strong chance that it will come in the second half of the year. The reason for this could be due to rumors about Samsung experiencing technical difficulties in producing the Snapdragon 835. For more updates on the upcoming HTC u smartphone, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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