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HTC One Tips and Tricks

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The HTC One is the company’s flagship phone that continues to live up to their tagline of ‘Quietly brilliant’. Choosing not to compete directly or too aggressively with giants like Samsung and Apple, the HTC One went its own way and therefore has its own hacks, tips and tricks.

When you think about Android, you usually assume that all Android phones are the same. The HTC One adopted Android but developed its own UI in the form of HTC Sense, which is responsible for most of the tips and tricks in this list.

So far, it’s proven to be a joy to use and a very intuitive UI. So without further ado, here are the HTC One hacks, tips and tricks:

1.?Access important shortcuts like your Wifi settings, mobile data, brightness and Bluetooth by using two fingers to drag down from the top of the screen.

Unlike other Android phones, HTC seems to have gotten the great UI down pat. Drag two fingers from the top of the screen to access a tons of shortcuts. Not even iOS has this much capability on their iPhone 5 or iPad air.

2.?Double-tap the home button to open your app list.

When you tap the home touch key on the bottom right twice, you open up a list of your apps. Simply flick the app window up to close the app or tap on it to put it in front view. All smartphone users have to understand that one of the first tip or trick they should know is how to close apps when they’re not in use.

3.?Transfer files, contacts and other data to another HTC One by simply putting the two phones together.

You would need to open NFC in the settings of both HTC One units. From there, you also need an app that can beam data simply by device contact. When you’ve set things up, you can exchange files and data by simple touching the tops of the phones together.

4.?Import your contacts and data from an iPhone or other Android phone.

The HTC One is kind of polite that way, giving allowances to people who use other brands of phones. Check the settings app to see the option ‘Get contacts from another phone’ so you can transfer or copy important people onto your HTC One easily.


The HTC One’s tips and tricks truly live up to the company tagline of ‘Quietly Brilliant’ thanks to so many ingenious shortcuts and tech that can only be found on the their flagship phone.

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