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HTC One M8 : 15 Essential Tips and Tricks for Applications, Performance and User Interface

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HTC One M8 offers new features and functionality compared to the previous version. But in order to fully enjoy its user experience, you should know these 15 useful tips to enhance performance, user interface, accessibility and applications.

Dealing with Bloatware

You may hide applications that you do not intend use without installing a third-party app. Go to the App Drawer > Menu > Hide/Unhide apps. Selected apps will become hidden from view so it won?t clutter the drawer anymore.

Skipping Lock Screen

In case you want to go on speed and skip over the standard lock screen security, swipe from right to left in standby mode to proceed directly on the home screen, while swiping from left to right will take you to BlinkFeed.

Answer Calls Quickly

You can enable an option to take calls faster without swiping or pushing anything on the device. Go to Settings > Call > Auto Answer Call. Once you receive an incoming call, you only need to pick the phone to start the conversation.

Ending Call Faster

Normally, you need to swipe something on the home screen to end a call, but there is a way for quicker termination. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Power button ends call, which will now end every call whenever the power key is pressed.

Your Own BlinkFeed

BlinkFeed is now customisable which means you can change the themes, social feeds and updates coming to your HTC One M8. Go to Settings > Personalise > Themes > Select a theme. You can choose black and white theme to remove the annoying colours on BlinkFeed.

Getting the UI Snappier

You can make the HTC One M8 perform snappier by enabling the Developer Options. Go to Settings > About > Software Information > More > Tap the Build Number till the developer notification appears. Now go to the Developer Options and modify the entries on Windows Animation Scale, Animation Duration Scale and Transition Animation Scale.

Almost 200 GB Storage Capacity

HTC One M8 supports microSD cards of up to 128 GB in size and the slot is found above the volume rocker. Additionally, you can get the 50 GB free for two years using Google Drive application.

Capture DSLR-Like Images

Maximise the dual rear cameras on the smartphone by creating DSLR-like images. Shoot your favourite moment without using the flash and simply leave it under Automatic Mode, then go to the gallery and select edit. Use the U-Focus feature to create a specific focus point on a subject to blur everything else around it.

Access Quick Settings

Quick Settings contain all the necessary shortcuts for several phone functions, but accessing it can be slow. Swipe down on the notifications tray using two fingers to quickly access the Quick Settings feature.

Facebook Cover Photo

You may select your favourite camera shot to become your next Facebook Cover Photo. Go to the gallery app, select edit, then tools, and then crop. Swipe to the right until you see the Facebook Cover option. Edit the size and positioning, then upload it to your Facebook account.

Magnify Image

For further image details, you can enable the magnification option from the Settings > Accessibility > Magnification gestures. It allows you to triple tap and hold on a specific point which brings out the magnification tool following your finger.

Faster Typing

By default, the keyboard is ?used for typing, but if you prefer gestures, go to Settings > Language and Keyboard > HTC Sense Input > Trace keyboard. It will now respond to Swype-like functionality.

Remote Control

HTC One M8 is a functional universal remote control using the IR blaster and works with sound systems, TV sets and cable boxes.

Landscape Selfie

Group selfie can be easy, even if the camera app initiates the rear camera lenses. In landscape mode, swipe down from the top area of the screen, to switch from rear camera to the front-facing shooter.

Instant Reboot

In rare times, HTC One M8 may freeze and you cannot remove its battery since HTC installed a non-removable unit. Instead, press the power key for at least ten seconds and the phone will turn itself off.

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