HTC Nexus Rumored Specs and Features

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HTC has been really notorious for making such great phones, starting from their midrange phones to their top of the line M series phones. This 2016, we are expecting quite a lot from them and we are happy to announce that HTC will be carrying the next Nexus.

The previous models were created by smartphone giants LG and Huawei. They were the ones who previously made the Google Nexus smartphones. They weren?t really that successful though — it eventually flopped and turned off most customers from getting the Nexus. We have high hopes for the next Nexus though. HTC hasn?t been disappointing lately so we are quite excited to see the new Nexus.

The Nexus fans are very particular with the ones who carry the name. Since HTC will be designing the new device, we hope that it stands out like the HTC M9, which is designed really well. As long as it looks sleek and premium we won?t even be complaining.

htc nexus 2016

We haven?t received anything official about the device yet. However it has been rumored the HTC Nexus will sport great features to keep the customers interested. HTC will be keeping its famous BoomSound technology in the device for a great audio experience, a 3D Touch Technology for ease of use and a rumored virtual reality feature that enhances its visual and audio prowess. Although we don?t know much about the virtual reality tech, we suspect it?s somewhere along the lines of a VR device.

It is expected to feature 4GB of RAM for a very smooth multitasking experience , a 4000mAh battery for excellent length of use and the latest 6.0.2 Marshmallow OS. Though the processor speed hasn?t been revealed yet, it is expected carry Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, which is the fastest among the bunch. You can also expect this device to have a beastly camera, capped at 20mp in the rear and an 8mp selfie shooter up front.



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