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HTC M8 Will Launch on March 25 in London & NY

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HTC M8 Will Launch on March 25 in London & NY


It is official.

HTC has given the confirmation that the much touted and awaited next-generation HTC smartphone, currently dubbed the M8, will be unveiled at two major simultaneous events in New York and London.

The launch, slated on the 25th of March this year, follows the same style as the launching of the HTC One last 2013.


In true ?mobile internet? fashion, HTC announced the launching via Twitter with an image of the event date and a tweet that said ? The best is about to get better? .

In another announcement, an HTC spokesperson shared that ? It’s about time for the best to get even better! I’d like to invite you to HTC’s next flagship smartphone announcement, occurring at two simultaneous events in New York and London on Tuesday, March 25th, at 11:00am Eastern / 4:00pm GMT. This is HTC’s next big bet product that will be our primary flagship for 2014.?


Before this launch confirmation, rumors have spread far and wide about the coming of the next generation HTC smartphone. Tech analysts have noted that this launch is a crucial one for HTC, due to the fact that the HTC One phone, while receiving excellent reviews and awards, has not achieved the astonishing success that its rivals, Apple and Samsung, has received with their respective mobile devices.



Video: HTC M8 What to Expect. (Marques Brownlee / YouTube)


The ?M8? is said to feature a Full HD 5-inch display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip. The ?new HTC One? is also ?rumored? to finally support the long awaited micro SD card.

Leaked images of the HTC M8 does not reveal much although fans and nonchalant observers have noted nothing really new when compared to the existing HTC One except for some possibly improved speakers and a slightly bigger front camera.


I guess you all just have to wait for the dual launch to find out more about the HTC M8, or you can tune in here at The Bitbag for the latest on HTC.

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