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HTC DroiD DNA gets Android 4.4.2 update with Sense 5.5

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Verizon has announced a new software update for the DroiD DNA by HTC, providing users the latest version of the Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system, the latest version of HTC Sense (5.5), as well as new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Additional enhancements are BlinkFeed, Location Settings, Gallery Application, Do Not Disturb, Lock Screen, and Music Application.

The update will provide a new menu for a quicker access to search and content sources by swiping from left side of the screen, and an easily turn BlinkFeed on or off. Simply do a pinch-in gesture on your home screen, then access the
Edit screen, then simply tap BlinkFeed ON and BlinkFeed OFF.

Location Settings feature a redesigned format for ease of use and battery conservation. It will show an estimated battery use for each app and offers a master switch that turns all location settings on or off. Also, the enhancement provides a list of which applications are using location services.
The Gallery Application was also redesigned for easier viewing of different content configurations, easy access photos from the cloud and social networks. The new gallery application allows users to manage and edit video highlights easily.

The new Do Not Disturb feature allows users to cut down on phone distractions during important events, block incoming calls: turn off sound, vibration and LED notifications, and can be set to resume ?normal mode? at a certain time. To use this feature, users must go to Settings > Sound >
Do not disturb.

Lock Screen, on the other hand, has made the process to lock screen widgets simplified by swiping left from the lock screen and tapping the + icon to choose a widget to add to the Lock Screen.

The Music Application enhancement includes a redesigned format for easier viewing of different content configurations. Now there are panels for each configuration (artist, albums) which replaced the drop-down menu. To have this, simply swipe left or right to switch between panels.

The update will take users an approximately 5-8 minutes to download the software, depending on network conditions.

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