HTC Disappoints With HTC U Ultra Mediocre Upgrades

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HTC disappoints with HTC U Ultra release

Last week, HTC released a rather curious advertising material all over the Internet. Many were expecting the phone maker to finally unveil a Snapdragon 835-equipped smartphone in the form of the HTC U Ultra. Unfortunately, that is not what happened at all. Instead of a very pleasant surprise, consumers were met with a massive amount of disappointments.

HTC made a very bold product announcement yesterday. The company re-released the HTC U Ultra just like many have been expecting it would. However, the release came with a sudden twist when consumers found out what the re-released phone really was.

Instead of the expected Snapdragon 835 chip on the HTC U Ultra, HTC merely introduced the same hardware specifications of the phone apart from minor upgrades. The most obvious of all is the 128GB internal flash storage instead of 64GB. In addition to this, HTC thought it better to change the protective glass of the phone’s display to sapphire. And that is all.

HTC releases disappointing HTC U Ultra upgrades

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While the phone’s supposed upgrades were only incremental, HTC obviously did not think it so. In fact, from the original price of $749, the new HTC U Ultra is now priced at at whopping $920. Too steep for something using a year-old SoC chip.

As expected, many were disappointed with the company’s announcement. All along, consumers were expecting to finally see a phone that is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC. Instead, what they got is a steaming heap of hogwash.

Just to summarize, the new HTC U Ultra still has the same Snapdragon 821 chip inside it. The storage is now upgraded to 128GB will the system RAM remains to be 4GB. The display is still the same resolution 5.7-inch QHD LCD panel that is now covered with sapphire instead of glass. Apart from that, nothing much is changed. Meanwhile, HTC expects consumers to pay a hefty price on the phone’s mediocre specs.

In all honesty, the upgrade for the HTC U Ultra is something that one may call unnecessary. Those who will purchase the said phone will just end up disappointed in a few days when Samsung finally releases the Galaxy S8. For more tech updates, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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