HTC Desire 10 Release in September as HTC 10 Discount Slashes $100

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HTC Desire 10

The HTC 10 has wowed Android smartphone fans ever since its release. Now, it appears that the HTC 10?s little brother the HTC Desire 10 could be making its way into the market. Is the recent price cuts for the HTC 10 a sign that the HTC Desire 10 release will be sooner than expected?

The HTC Desire 10 has long been rumored to be releasing this year. However, there is no definite date of release by the Taiwanese-based smartphone manufacturer. The HTC 10 has received great reviews. Although from a sales standpoint, the company may not be reaching the numbers they had hoped for. This is where the HTC Desire 10 could come in.

According to GSMArena, the HTC Desire 10 is considered as a budget version of the HTC 10. This may be the key to getting more sales as the high-end price range of the HTC 10 may be scaring off consumers. There has already been several leaks about the HTC Desire 10, yet there is no solid release date for the device has been mentioned.

While no launch date has been given, the recent news of the HTC 10 getting a huge discount this month may be a sign of the HTC Desire 10 release. According to CNet, the HTC 10 is getting a $100 off if you buy it in the US this month. So instead of paying the regular price of $700 the smartphone will just send you back for $600. Aside from this, buyers will also get a $100 credit that you can use toward buying HTC accessories.

While the huge discount may mean that HTC is trying to improve the sales of the HTC 10, it could also be possible that they are selling the stocks to make way for their next big release. This is still a developing story, so be sure to check back here soon to find out exactly when you can get your hands on the HTC Desire 10.

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