HTC Butterfly 3 Specs: Leak Reveals 5.2-Inch, WQHD Screen

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A new HTC Butterfly 3 leak suggests the handset is coming with an incredibly pixel-dense display. (Image courtesy of HTC)

HTC?s Butterfly series has sold well in the markets where it?s available and now many people are already excited about what the company has in store for its next iteration. If you?re one of those who are closely following this feature-packed model, we?re here to treat you with the freshest rumored HTC Butterfly 3 specifications.

The leak

The current model, HTC Butterfly 2, was released only six months ago and yet we?re already seeing rumors about its successor. This leak is brought to us by habitual leakster @upleaks who posted a tweet revealing specs of the unannounced device. While it doesn?t give us much, it?s able to provide something we can readily speculate on. In the tweet, we learned that the HTC Butterfly 3, or HTC B3, may pack a 5.2-inch WQHD display.

HTC Butterfly 3 specs leaked by @upleaks

HTC Butterfly 3 specs leaked by @upleaks

Specs we can expect

A quick Google search tells us that a ?WQHD? is a designation of the popular QHD resolution and sports a pixel dimension of 1440×2560. When fitted on 5.2-inch screen, that would result to an unbelievably crisp 564ppi pixel density. Few other smartphone models feature that stunning display.

Judging from the current Butterfly 2 specs sheet, we can expect that the HTC Butterfly 3 will be treated with the latest Snapdragon 810 chipset from Qualcomm. An upgrade from 2GB to 3GB RAM is also a likely scenario. Phones Review predicts that the device?s storage capacity may stay the same but the camera and OS will most probably be upgraded.

Flagship material

If you go through the HTC Butterfly 2?s specs list, you?ll notice that it?s already flagship material, second only to that of the HTC One M8. The main difference lies in the former?s plastic body as opposed to the latter?s more premium metal body. However, some users prefer the Butterfly 2 as it comes with a more conventional 13-megapixel camera. It was announced back in August 2014 and released the following month so we can expect that the HTC Butterfly 3 will come at a similar time this year.


Photo Credit: HTC

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