HTC 11 Release Date Sooner Than Later As HTC 10 Deals Are Amazing

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HTC 11 Release

HTC has certainly had a very busy year so far this 2016. It launched the HTC 10 earlier in the year and just recently unveiled the HTC Bolt. It also manufactured the Pixel smartphones for Google which have been receiving great reviews. The company is rumored to be working on its next flagship smartphone which is codenamed the HTC 11. If the recent developments are any indication, it appears that the HTC 11 release could happen very soon.

The HTC 11 is poised to become one of the most exciting smartphones to be released next year. While there is still no official timetable for the device, it is expected by many that the HTC 11 launch will happen sometime in March of next year.

HTC 11 Release Happening Soon?

HTC 11

It could turn out that the release of the HTC 11 may happen sooner rather than later though. This comes as Phone Arena reports that the HTC 10 is receiving a huge $200 discount. This is certainly great news for those looking for an amazing deal on an excellent smartphone. It could also mean that release of the next generation of the smartphone may be on the horizon.

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This is surely amazing news for all HTC fans excited about the upcoming device. The HTC 11 has been in the rumors lately and has been impressing tech fans.

HTC 11 Specs

It is expected that the upcoming smartphone will feature the next generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. This means that the HTC 11 will be even faster than the current flagship smartphones in the market.

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Also expected to be coming to the HTC 11 is an improved camera, an improvement in storage size as well as a bum in its RAM. With all these rumored additions to the upcoming smartphone, it is certainly going to be one of the most talked about phones next year.

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While there is still no official word yet as to when the HTC 11 release is going to happen, the discounts to the HTC 10 may mean it could be very soon. Fans should just hang tight and wait for more news and updates on the HTC 11 as well as on other great smartphones releasing soon.

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