HTC 11 Specs, Price, Release Date: HTC 11 Coming with 8GB RAM and More

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HTC 11

Every year, phone manufacturers try and outgun each other by coming up with crazy specs and features for their phones. For months now, news of a phone carrying a whopping 8GB RAM is not really news at all. There have been rumors in the past that upcoming phones, like the OnePlus 3T, will feature the said RAM size. Now, HTC is hopping onto the bandwagon with the upcoming HTC 11. According to rumors, the purported HTC phone will carry a more massive memory and more.

Although it may sound completely unnecessary, there have been rumors flying around that the HTC 11 will have a massive 8GB RAM. According to Chinese blogging site Weibo, not only will it have that much memory, it will also pack 256GB of storage.

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These specs may seem overachieving, but the 256GB storage is not really new. With the ever increasing amount of data that people use everyday, having that much capacity is becoming more of a necessity.

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Other rumors suggest that the Snapdragon 835 from Qualcomm will also make its way into the HTC 11. This will give the phone impressive performance improvements as promised by Qualcomm. According to benchmarks, the new processor touts more than 25 percent performance improvement. Meanwhile, Qualcomm put the brakes on power usage by decreasing energy consumption by 40 percent without compromising performance.

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In addition the the impressive processor, the HTC 11 will also carry two 12-megapixel rear cameras and an 8-megapixel front snapper. The Snapdragon?s Quick Charge 4 will pair amazingly with the phone?s 3,700mAh battery. This new tech from Qualcomm is able to charge a mobile device?s battery up to 50 percent in as much as 15 minutes.

To those who are expecting to grab this phone, they may have to wait a bit longer. To date, there are no indications as to when the phone maker will release the HTC 11. However, there is a strong chance it will be released sometime during or after next year?s Mobile World Congress. As for the price, consumers can expect a price tag of around $700 on release.

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