HTC 10 BoomSound Is Just A Ploy?

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The widely anticipated HTC One M10 also known as HTC 10 is rumored to be launched in the upcoming month of April. Though there has been no official showcasing of the smartphone by HTC as of yet, the internet is flooded with the renders of the mobile device.

With the release of renders, it was earlier speculated that the new phone may not feature HTC?s BoomSound speakers, which had disappointed the fans quite a lot. The stereo speakers were at the both end of its earlier phones, which came to be loved by the users of HTC for their powerful performance.

Now, the latest details that were leaked by a reliable source @OnLeaks on twitter indicated that the smartphone has BoomSound, even though the stereo speakers weren?t seen in the available renders.

So is BoomSound just a marketing ploy?

The BoomSound is a marketing ploy by HTC, according to David Ruddock, who in his GooglePlus post, mentioned that HTC?s BoomSound is not a hardware feature but rather a software configuration for speakers.

?BoomSound is a bastardized, diluted, and generally meaningless marketing term that HTC has completely destroyed the meaning of in the last few years. BoomSound does not convey the number, placement, or configuration of speakers on an HTC smartphone – period.?

He added that HTC continues to confuse consumers with the BoomSound that as a term refers to its specific hardware configuration. He clarified that instead, BoomSound is a name given to sound configuration that could either be an equalizer setting or tone layer.

?It doesn’t matter that HTC referred to “BoomSound” speakers in the past, or BoomSound headphone amplifiers, or BoomSound whatever the hell. BoomSound identifies absolutely no hardware aspect of a smartphone, other than the fact that the smartphone was produced by HTC.?

So it seems like HTC has been using a marketing ploy so far to attract consumers for its devices that just featured normal speakers.

The images leaked by @OnLeaks show the HTC 10 has what looks like a single bottom-firing speaker. Though the speakers may be good than the other available speakers in other smartphones, it needs to be noted that the BoomSound that has been made quite popular by HTC isn?t the piece of hardware that they say it is.

The tweet from @OnLeaks that delivered pictures of a prototype phone also show that the phone has a fingerprint scanner, dedicated menu and back buttons, a matte black design and a USB Type-C charging port. The tweet claimed the phone has a 5.15-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 820 processor, Adreno 530 graphics chip, 4GB RAM and a 12-megapixel camera.

According to IBTimes, besides the powerful Snapdragon 820 chipset, rumors hint that the Taiwanese tech giant will also make use of MediaTek chip for its flagship. While the Qualcomm variant is believed to be part of the devices headed to the U.S. and Europe, rest of the world will reportedly have the MediaTek silicon on board.

The renders also indicate the phone is expected to come in gold, white, silver and black hues. It will be running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow OS with Sense 8 UI on top of it.?The HTC One M10 is expected to hit shelves on April 19.

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