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HP Elite X3 Price, Release Date Reportedly Leaked for this Windows 10-Powered Smartphone

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HP Elite X3

The HP Elite X3 is one of the heavily-rumored smartphones gearing up for release with Windows 10 out of the box. Interestingly, HP has shared all the configuration details of this high-end device already, but the price and release date stayed as speculations for a long time.

However, now, the Windows-focused tech portal?Neowin, citing the Italian tipster?Plaffo, says the HP Elite X3 will set the buyers back by ?699 in Europe, which roughly translates to $773.

The literal exchange value may not be the actual price of the device in the U.S. Nevertheless, it is safe to assume that HP?s Windows 10 smartphone will be priced slightly higher than the other flagship smartphones released thus far. No wonder, this device has been speculated as the most powerful windows 10 flagship.

About the HP Elite X3 release date, the same portal says September is the time frame to look for. ?Nevertheless, readers should note that HP has not confirmed the price and availability thus far.


As far as the specifications go, the Elite X3 will feature a big 6.0-inch display, complemented by a 2K screen resolution. Under the hood, a quad-core (Snapdragon 820) processor running at 1.6GHz will apparently power the phone.

This handset will come backed by a good 4GB of RAM. Most of the high-end devices released this year carry the same 4GB of RAM. However, the OnePlus 3 has taken the fight to a whole new level with a 6GB RAM onboard. In any case, the full utilization of such a generous RAM is disputable.

Furthermore, the HP Elite X3 recently got?Wi-Fi and?Bluetooth certifications, hinting at the imminent worldwide release. The Wi-Fi certification site has listed the product code (or code name) as ?HSTNH-F606.?

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