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TV star Jane McDonald reveals how she lost a whopping 56 pounds

Here’s the key to a productive weight loss journey!

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Singer, songwriter, and television personality Jane McDonald recently shared her challenging yet rewarding weight loss journey as she returned to the screen on Channel 5’s Her Yorkshire. McDonald is known for her busy and luxurious lifestyle, singing on cruise ships and traveling the world as part of her career.

A few years ago, she lost a whopping 56 pounds by taking part in a program called Sugar Free Farm. The show followed celebrities attempting to live on a sugar-free diet. As the show ended, Jane continued to follow the method, starting each day with a green smoothie and no longer eating white carbohydrates like white pasta.

“I used to eat so much rubbish. I didn’t realize how much rubbish I used to eat. I’ve always loved a pie and I was very carbohydrate-led as I was always hungry,” Jane shared. By maintaining a sugar-free diet, she gained more energy and within two weeks, she lost nine pounds without feeling hungry at all. “I always used to be hungry and was always snacking on something, but I don’t have any of that now,” she added.

That kind of life-changing weight loss journey is truly inspiring and guess what? You can achieve that through consistency and hard work, too. Since Jane’s major secret behind her amazing weight loss is a sugar-free diet, you might want to try that out, as well.

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