How to Watch the 2014 Winter Olympics Online

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Television networks have not been willing to broadcast the Olympic games in real ? time, that is why online live streaming has become popular to fans. The 2014 Sochi Olympics in Russia can now be viewed by people around the world using the Internet. In the past Olympics, time ? zone differences made in difficult for people to catch up with the latest events. It was the Internet, particularly Twitter, that spoiled who won the gold medal in every sport.

So, how do you enjoy watching the Winter Olympics online?

Online Live Stream?

Blow ? by ? blow media coverage of the Sochi Olympics is now viewable online, thanks to BBC (UK), NBC (US), CBC (Canada), and Network Ten (Australia). NBC promised to stream every single performance from all 98 events in 15 sport disciplines.

Fans from the United States can access this live ? stream coverage through To do this, users must pass through the website?s authentication process by logging in via a satellite or cable account. This only means that those over ? the ? air antenna watchers and cord cutters will not enjoy this real ? time online streaming coverage.

CBC in Canada also has placed restrictions to prevent non ? Canadian IP addresses from tapping into its live ? stream Opening Ceremony feed. VPN is required in order to watch it in the morning. On the other hand, BBC in the U.K will attempt to do the same in its live ? stream feature of the Olympic?s Opening Ceremony. It boasts six high ? definition streams with 650 hours of Sochi Olympics coverage through BBC?s Sports site.

Ten Network in Australia will broadcast the 2014 Winter Olympics through its Ten Play website. Users in the country can watch the Opening Ceremony through Ten and One, the network?s broadcast stations.

How to Watch on Mobile

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Those who are always on ? the ? go may also watch the Sochi Olympics on their mobile devices. NBC has two apps dedicated to this event: NBC Sports Live Extra and NBC Olympic Highlights and Results. The first app is more desirable since it has live ? streaming capabilities, but requires account authentication.

Canadian viewers may watch the Olympics via the CBC Sochi 2014 app that works on Android, iOS and WP 8. The BBC app works on both iOS and Android phones and tablets, as well as on Amazon Kindle Fire tablets. The Ten Network has live mobile feed available on iOS and Android devices.

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