How To Use WhatsApp Web For iPhone Using ‘WhatsApp Web Enabler’

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WhatsApp Web is currently not supported by iPhones. Here’s how to get around it. (Image via WhatsApp Web)

WhatsApp has officially launched WhatsApp Web back in January to allow their users to send and receive messages right from their desktop browsers. Sadly, this useful service is not available (yet) for the iPhone. The team behind the popular messaging app is reportedly working to solve this issue. For now, if you?re looking for a way to get?WhatsApp?s desktop client working on your beloved iOS device, you may want to check out WhatsApp Web Enabler.

WhatsApp Web Enabler

If you own an Android or Windows Phone handset, setting up WhatsApp Web will be a breeze. We?ve even shown you how to do it a while back. Unfortunately, with the nature of the iOS platform and the way WhatsApp?s software is made, it?s currently impossible (at least officially) to have WhatsApp Web working with an iPhone. Moreover, the messaging application?s development is not exactly known to come up with quick updates so you can?t ?expect its desktop client to support iPhones soon.

Thankfully, a crafty iOS third-party dev named iMokhles has come up with a workaround. The tool he developed is called WhatsApp web developer and its available from Cydia. So yes, your iPhone needs to be jailbroken first to enjoy this neat tool. Cupertino Times is among the first to report about this trick and posted a way on how to have it running on iPhones. Check out our outlined guide below on how you can do it yourself.

Steps on how to use WhatsApp Web Enabler for iPhone

    • Install WhatsApp Web Enabler from BigBoss repo for free.
    • Once you have installed this tweak, open the Settings app.
    • Scroll down and choose WhatsApp Web Enabler.
    • You will then see the kill switch on top on the tweak. Toggle on the ?enable? button.
    • Launch WhatsApp.
    • Tap on Settings from the lower right corner of the interface.
    • Select WhatsApp Web.
    • Go to on your desktop or laptop and scan the QR code.
    • After the QR code is scanned, you will now be able access WhatsApp from the web browser.


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