How to use Skype on Xbox One

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How to use Skype on Xbox One

We know that a lot of players and users now want to know how to use Skype on Xbox One. This is one upside that parents can still glean from the $400++ purchase of the console for their kids?they get premium Skype credits with no additional cost.?

Keep in mind, though, that you need an Xbox Live account ? or a Microsoft Account to use Skype on Xbox One.

So here?s how to use Skype on Xbox One:

1. Sign into your Xbox One console using your Microsoft Account or Xbox Live account.

2. Select the Skype tile. It?s the one with the Skype logo and colored light blue.

3. Select the phone icon when Skype is opened on your Xbox.

4. Enter the phone number using the on screen keypad or choose someone from your contacts.

5. Select Video call and Skype will try to contact the person you?re calling. If they?re online on Skype and they pick up, you can start conversing through Skype!

Don’t be afraid that using Skype might interrupt your game, it’s very quiet and doesn’t notify you of calls and messages unless you want it to. It also doesn’t ask you to pay additional fees for the high-quality calls you make. You’re essentially on a premium Skype account for the first 100 minutes. When you go over that, you just have to buy Skype credits.

This doesn’t mean that you can only contact people on Skype for Xbox One. You can technically talk to someone on the other side of the world with Skype on your recipient’s mobile phone!

We hope that you now know how to use Skype on your Xbox One!

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