How To Use Pixie: A Pokemon GO Like AR App To Find Your Lost Stuff

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Are you constantly misplacing things and struggling to find them?  Now you can easily achieve the peace of finding lost things. Here is Pixie, an augmented reality-based app designed to search for lost stuff.

Pixie is based on Augmented Reality technology which makes finding hidden things fun and easy. It seems like you are playing Pokemon GO. Instead of catching Pokemon you are finding things. It is that simple. Let’s explore how this innovative thing works.

What is Pixie?

Pixie is a smartphone app that can help find your lost things like keys, phone, pen, and many other smaller things. The smartphone app is based on augmented reality technology which offers an accurate scan of your home to find the lost stuff.

Previously, companies like Tile and Chipolo were preventing people from losing their things. Now this AR based app will offer a different experience to the users. Losing stuff isn’t fun. With the help of Pixie though, finding things is as interesting as treasure hunting.

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How Pixie works

The innovative app uses your smartphone and Pixie Points. Pixie points are the small trackers that you have to attach to your often lost items. You have to attach pixie points to those items that commonly go missing. Then through the power of AR, you just have to do a simple panoramic scan. The scan can immediately locate your ‘pixified’ items.

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The app even points out to the location of the item with an arrow and distance. You can see an arrow right on your screen and the app also flashes the accurate distance from 150 feet outside and 30 to 50 feet inside. The app even records the history of your lost items and where you discovered them.

The interesting app is going to hit the iPhone devices on January 25 and the company is planning to launch the Android version later in this year. You can buy a pack of four at $99.99 and a pack of two at $49.99. along with pixie points, both the packs also contain free Pixie iPhone case.

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