How to Use Instagram Filters on Your Photos Offline

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Everybody has this buddy who uploads each and every single photo they take using Instagram, but let?s admit it, you are also mystified as for what reason they do this. The short answer; not all of them wants to upload all their Instagram photos, but they can?t control it and they just do it anyway. A very small number of people would want to do that, and that does not include you of course.

There is a little trick, however, to get the most out of Instagram?s filters and handy features, without having to upload everything like you?re extremely in love with yourself. This would also allow you to actually get ?more? out of Instagram?s functions (multiple filters on one photo). It is actually simple. You?ll just have to follow these simple steps.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your Data Connection is offline or that there is no Wi-Fi connection available for your handset to connect to. To make sure that this requirement is met, turn on ?Airplane Mode? on your device. You can refer to your device?s manual on how to get this done, but usually, they are found in the Settings menu.

From this point, you can start taking Instagram photos. Open the app, take some pictures, but don?t add filter just yet. Just proceed with the usual steps as if you?re using Instagram normally.

Then once done, you can open your photos on the Gallery or Camera Roll. Now for adding the filters, you can just re-open the Instagram app, but this time, you won?t be taking photos. Instead, you will apply filters to the photos you just took. To do this, just tap the square icon on the left of the ?shutter? button in the middle. This will bring you to the photo browser screen. From there, you can select photos and apply filters. You can do this a couple of times on a single photo without worrying that it will be uploaded in each and every action you do. You can verify this by checking the Feed on your Instagram. From there, you can just erase what you do not need. Once done, you can simply turn off the Airplane mode and let the app upload the images you handpicked.

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