How To Upload Photos on Facebook and Retain Their BEST Quality

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Faceboo (Image Credit to
Faceboo (Image Credit to

If you have a Facebook account and use it like it is another religion on its own, then you must be one of those people who regularly use Facebook to share their photos. If you?re a common user with no OC ?about how Facebook shows your photos, then this isn?t really something that might interest you, but if you want to take advantage of Facebook and maintain your photos? quality upon upload, then you?ve come to the right place.

This guide is extremely useful for those who use Facebook to promote their work like those??into Photography. By default, Facebook handles image upload with unnerving accuracy that your DSLR-captured photo would look like it was shot by a cheaper camera or even worse, look like some stuff is out of focus.

This happens when you upload images larger than what Facebook can handle. It automatically compresses the image to an acceptable size for the site.

So how do you prevent Facebook from messing with your uploaded photos? Simple. Upload them with their optimal sizes.

If you want to keep your image looking nice as much as possible, resize them properly in either 2048px or 960px in the longest side.

There are numerous ways on how to easily resize your image. You can use the default MS Paint for Windows operating system, but you really couldn?t expect it to preserve as much quality as your original photo has, so you can use software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, but these are paid solutions.

Why pay if we can use a free solution without sacrificing quality?

You can, instead, use Irfanview. It is a software that lets you resize single or multiple pictures all at once. You can get the free copy of this software here.

To resize your image using Irfanview, simply open the program, click ?Open?, and select the image you want to edit and in this case, resize. After doing this, you can proceed by clicking ?Image? then click ?Resize/Resample? or you can simply press Ctrl+R on your keyboard. From there, you can proceed in resizing your image to the optimal size for Facebook and save a new copy of it somewhere.

You can also do the same action on a group of images by pressing ?B? on your keyboard to open up ?Batch Actions?.

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