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How to Upgrade Legendary Gems on Diablo 3 RoS ?

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Legendary Gems are all the rage now in Diablo 3 RoS even if they?re technically just placeholders on the PTR at the moment. The mechanics are causing so many bugs and crashes that the Blizzard devs aren?t implementing them yet until they?ve ironed it all out.

In the meantime, they?re mostly teasing us with possible stats on the gems. Take a look at my post here on what the gems currently look like. If you remember the Rainbow Facet Jewels on Diablo 2, you?ll notice that the new Legendary gems are like them in certain ways.

Another good mechanic for these gems is the fact that you can upgrade them and get additional stats once you reach rank 50 on these babies. But how do you upgrade Legendary Gems? Take a look:

1. Go on a Greater Rift run as usual and have the gems with you along with the materials needed. Take note that as of the moment, the mats and resources for upgrading Legendary gems have not been finalized. Since you can?t access your inventory inside the Rift, it?s best you have the requirements and the gems with you.

2. When you can?t finish the Rift during the allotted time, you fail the dungeon and don?t get to go to the next Greater Rift. But this is where Urshi comes out! You can click the artisan as it appears and upgrade your gems then.

3. Upgrade all you want. After that, save up on gold and materials again so you can unsocket the Legendary Gems and upgrade them on future Greater Rift runs.

As you can see, getting your gems to rank 50 isn?t going to be easy. You?re using them at the moment so you have to unsocket them and if the normal gem cost is any indication, you?re in for a lot of spent gold here.

But with new affixes that extend effects for as long as 1 minute and 2% healing of your maximum life on each hit, I think these gems are worth it. What?s more, each upgrade does raise the primary stat of these gems.

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