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How to Turn Your iDevices Into a Surround Speaker System with Audibly

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Just like Samsung?s exclusive Group Play feature, Audibly from iOS developer Nick Frey has made an app that can turn your iOS devices into a stereo/surround audio system with integrated playlist support. This would let you combine your compatible iOS devices to act as a unified sound system that can act as a legit 5.1 surround audio.

In order to get things started, make sure that you have everything listed below:

  • A main iOS device, where the songs will be from.
  • Any other iOS device that can work as an individual speaker channel
  • Audibly app installed on all devices
  • Wireless Connection or Peer-to-peer (does not require internet)
  • Bluetooth turned off

Once everything has been prepared, you can start by launching the Audibly app from your main iOS device. Once in the main screen, simply tap ?Broadcast? and this will display all your songs in the main device in three categories (Artists, Songs, and Playlist)

Select the songs that you want to add into your playlist and tap ?Done? once you?re finished selecting your songs. It may a take a while, depending on the number of songs you add to the playlist, but once done, Audibly will play your songs in alphabetical order. Similar to Soundcloud?s player, the current song?s blurry thumbnail will be the background.

At this point, you can simply open the Audibly app on the other iOS devices that you want to use as a separate speaker. Just launch the app as usual, and this time, in the first screen, select Listen, then you can see all the active Audibly sessions available. You would want to select your own device (with the your device?s name and the current song playing)

Once you send a listen request, you will see a notification on your main iOS device. You can just tap Accept to enable the other iOS device to perform as an extra speaker.

Surprisingly enough, even with all the devices playing ?at the same time, you won?t hear any noticeable distortion with the volume levels, but they get a great boost on the loudness and the thickness of the audio output. This little app is a great alternative to other premium apps, because it is free to download.

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