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How to transfer photos to iPad

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Although an iPhone 6 (when it’s out on release date) can do whatever an iPad can, the iPad family still has screen real estate to hold over Apple’s flagship phone. This is why a lot of people want to put all their photos on the iPad so they can show off their family vacations, graduations and birthdays during reunions and other family events. What’s more, a lot of people also want to keep special and favorite photos on their iPad for doodling and wallpapers.

Another thing that older users want to do is to get their hard copy photographs onto the iPad so they can make albums. Lots of users want to create online albums or digital copies of the physical photo albums they have at home. This guide is going to tell you different ways on how to transfer photos to iPad no matter the file size, extension or location.


So if you want to know how to transfer photos to iPad, here are some easy ways:

1. For old photos, scan the pictures or take a photo of the picture using the iPad itself.

Although this is the most tedious process, this is the surest way for you to know the photos you want are on your iPad. With a scanner, scan each photo you want to transfer to iPad. Then, include the folder for the scanned photos in the iTunes photo sync tab. This means that all the photos you put in that folder are uploaded to your iPad when you sync it with your iTunes accounts. A shortvut to this process that may yield poorer-quality photos is for you to use the iPad to capture the old photograph using a camera.

2. For digital photos, transfer using SD card.

Depending on what generation of iPad you have, you can buy an SD card reader for the 30-pin connector or the Lightning connector. What these card readers do is create a separate album for the photos in the SD card that’s plugged into your iPad. The photos appear as an album that you can transfer to your photo gallery on the iPad.

3. For digital photos, transfer using iTunes.

Another way to get your photos onto the iPad is through iTunes. When you sync your iPad, you can include certain picture folders in the Picture tab on the client. Keep in mind that this isn’t like a USB drive where you just drag and drop the pictures. You have to use iTunes to sync the photos with the iPad.

Technically, how to transfer photos to iPad is almost the same as transferring music, you’re just looking at different file formats.

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